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The Group Buy is closed. Stay tuned for updates as we move through the ordering, manufacturing, and fulfilment phases.

Shipping is estimated to begin February 2024. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.

An ergonomic ortholinear keyboard that updates the comfy babyV layout. The base kit includes:


-babyV layout with updated bottom row options.

-Gasket mount.

-5 degree typing angle with 19 mm front height.

-Seamless construction with 6063 aluminum top and brass weight/bottom.

-Anodized colors are Mourning (black) and Promise Ring (rose gold). Surrender (white) is e-coated.

-FR4 switch plate.


-Hotswap or Solder PCBs available

-RP2040 powered board running Vial

-USB Type C with UDB

-MX switch compatibility

Included with purchase:

-Carrying Case

-Keyboard Case


-PCBs (mainboard and daughterboard) with JST cable

-Hardware and gaskets

-Rubber feet


Quality Disclaimer:

-No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).

-Possible machining marks / scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user. This includes scratches arising from anodization hooks.

-Screw holes are NOT anodized.

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