Current Projects Status


27 November Update:

Cases: Shipped via sea.

PCBs: Received. Visual QC complete. Firmware flashing to start in the coming days.

Daughterboards/cables: Received. QC Complete.

FR4 Plates: Received. QC Complete.

POM Plates: Received. QC Complete.

Brass Plates: Shipped via sea.

Aluminum Plates: Shipped via sea.

Plate foam: Received. QC Complete.

Hardware: Received. Packaging to start in the coming days.

Carrying Cases: Shipped via sea.

Microfiber towels: Received. QC Complete.


28 October Update:

Cases: In production

PCBs: Hotswap PCBs are being assembled. Solder PCBs are finished. These will ship with the Hotswap PCBs.

Daughterboards/cables: Received

FR4 Plates: Received

POM Plates: Shipped

Brass Plates: In production

Aluminum Plates: In production

Plate foam: Received

Hardware: Received

Carrying Cases: In production

Microfiber towels: Received


29 September Update: Everything's been paid for with the exception of non-FR4 plates. I made the decision to do a final prototype run of plates to be absolutely sure that tolerances and the surface finish would be within standards. These prototypes have been paid for and will start shipping to me next week. I'll be making the payment for the bulk order of plates as soon as I confirm the final prototypes.